VR editor and 360 degree videos what do you

Experience in object-oriented programming. Experience in project management. Video experience. Knowledge of software such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Unity 3D. Virtual reality and 360-degree videos are a growing means of expression, but one that is starting to explode. Although virtual reality has been around for decades as a concept, now we finally have the technology to make it a reality in a consumer-affordable way. It is an innovative format, for which the workflows and ideas of traditional video no longer apply.


The best digital marketing profiles for

This job not only Peru Phone Number have experience in related fields, but also and above all, a great desire to try new things. 3) Bot developer What do you need: Degree or similar in computer science. Knowledge of linguistics, interactivity, programming, design, engineering, natural language processing and ethics. Global spending on artificial intelligence is growing at a rate of 54% per year, according to an IDC study. So if you are looking for new job opportunities in the digital marketing of the future.


The world of bots is full of interesting options

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Chatbots are one of the latest trends in the world of marketing, especially since Facebook decided to incorporate them into the network. But it is still a world in which demand far exceeds supply. In particular, bots will succeed in areas that require a high degree of specialization, such as financial services or insurance. 4) IoT Marketing Strategist What do you need: Training in engineering and telecommunications.

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