To develop the continuation of the lifeline of local towns

Lin Juncheng has been exposed in the commercial media several times in the past, and most of the media’s brief introduction to his story is as follows: The successor of the well-known traditional soap factory in the Three Gorges, after going out to work for a few years,

In the dilemma of returning home, I chose to take

On this more burden: use education to pave a way for young people to return home. This is not the first Portugal Phone Number time he has turned a corner in his life. Many years ago, Lin Juncheng left hisĀ  was “familiar and unfamiliar” with the hometown he grew up with .

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Such “unfamiliarity” had the buds of “re-familiarity”

During the four years when he took over the family business at a turning point in his life. He saw the decline of the traditional industries of the Three Gorges and the serious drug crime problem, and thought: “If children grow up In the process .

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