The graphics of the most beautiful football shirts

The footballing faith that imposes the love for the shirt of ones own team, must. Not prevent one from appreciating the aesthetic level of those of other clubs. We therefore decided to create this article in which we analyze the most beautiful football. Shirts of the past season. The goal is to show this type of sportswear in another light, underlining the real importance that the graphics chosen by the clubs have in the image that the team has on the pitch. The stylistic choices, in fact, are often dictated by a message that you want to convey to the fans , the designs are studied ad hoc and are more relevant than you might think.


Composed of a geometry of maxi blackblue

The ranking of the most beautiful football shirts after e-commerce photo editing an online search, between polls and comparison of opinions, we have collected these results that represent the 5 most beautiful football shirts of last season parma third erreà black background, cross on the chest in pure crusader style, tinged with yellow and blue make parmas “fenice” third shirt the most popular in terms of style. The choice of iconography that recalls the symbol on the shield but also the strength of the warriors of the crusades, associated with black, is certainly of impact usa home nike although last season was not the most idyllic for the us national team, this teams jersey was incredibly popular.

e-commerce photo editing

Now that you know that the graphics

Designed by nike football, it has a white background TWD Directory and three stripes on the left side, composed of a geometric design that fades from blue to red recalling the colors of the national flag boca juniors away. Nike for the creation of the boca shirt, nike was inspired by the seismograph. The fans of this team are notoriously noisy and the idea of ​​adding this trait to the edges. Of the yellowblue central band is a clear homage to their supporters sampdoria third joma already few.

Years ago the sampdoria football shirts made. By joma were awarded as the most beautiful in the world. Even with this third shirt from last season the manufacturer does not. Contradict himself, and manages to create a real collectors item. The black background hosts a vertical sampdoria stripe on the right. Side, a vintage collar and laces to close everything croatia away nike.

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