The Google doodle for the first day of summer

Like every year, the google doodle for the first day of summer is. Talked about both for artistic choice and for chromatic palette here is a brief critical analysis from a graphic point of view on. The latest proposal of the big g to its users to embellish their search page. A tribute to the summer solstice june 21 marks the summer solstice and the beginning of the summer, although this year in terms of weather the scorching heat and beautiful sunny days have been keeping us company since the beginning of the month. Googles doodle is famous for changing according to important events , celebrations or, as in this case, important dates on the calendar.


A brilliant commercial strategy?

The graphics chosen is therefore not random and each time photo background removing has a very specific message in mind to get to its users. We can consider this image an excellent example of communication by the big g. Googles doodle for a peaceful summer at first glance, given in passing, the same one that 90 of users commonly reserve for doodles, it can be immediately deduced that googles intentions this year were clearly those of expressing serenity . The google doodle dedicated to the summer solstice in fact this year depicts the earth immersed in space while smiling while observing a deckchair and a palm tree on a quiet beach placed on its top.

photo background removing

Recent prolonged downs of all platforms

The image, presented with a simple artistic choice , almost drawn by TWD Directory a child, has in fact the purpose of wishing peaceful holidays, helping those who still have it for a while with work, to think about when they can enjoy those moments of relaxation that are now imminent. . The colors always remain the distinctive ones of the big g brand, but are. Applied with a watercolor or tempera effect, to underline once again the lightness. With which the most famous search engine in the. World hopes that its users will face the summer holidays. Usually out of a thousand photos, the truly unique ones will be about sixty. If you decide to share them on social media, do not take and upload everything without real logic. Choose the most beautiful , retouch them if necessary or make some collages.

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