The daily appearance of the smart island shows digital. Innovation

The daily appearance of the smart island shows digital. Innovation, diversity and inclusiveness, environmental sustainability. And makes good use of technology to integrate into life. Iindustry and even national competitiveness, and become a global indicator smart country .

This column cooperates with the Office of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan, and uses digital observations. The report cultivates citizens’ thinking about smart technology, and strengthens the cultivation of popular science knowledge among the whole people.

What we want you to know

Under the influence of the South Africa Phone Number new crown pneumonia epidemic, the habitual life pattern has been completely changed in order to avoid cross-infection, and even became the “New Normal” in the post-epidemic era. When work, life, consumption.

Industries develop a new normal in the post-epidemic era, a series of challenges will affect transformation and huge business opportunities, and digital will play an important role; only by accelerating the use of IoT and AI, and adapting to the new normal, Taiwan’s economic Transformation and industrial innovation can be reborn and seize the first opportunity in the changing world.

Experiencing new opportunities

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Sightseeing and lodging, which are local experiences, are presented through online digital content or virtual reality. In contrast, the film industry and various exhibitions have more room for development.

Judging from the current development of the film industry, most movie theater operators in the United States, such as Laemmle Theatres, an art theater that has operated for more than 70 years, are selling virtual movie tickets to allow users to watch movies through networked devices within a certain period of time.

The situation in Taiwan includes the Forbidden City’s online browsing format, allowing users to view the collections at home by clicking with a mouse, and the secondary vocational school even through an online live broadcast. It also attracted the attention of many fans at home and abroad, and even attracted many foreign media reports.

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