Studying graphics: constant updating necessary?

Studying graphics was for many the direct consequence of a passion, which then resulted in a concrete desire to transform the aforementioned into a real profession. The question we ask ourselves today, however, is: is it really necessary to keep up with the times in this work environment? What can change that is so drastic that it requires a refresher course? Local SEO has been a concrete reality for some time now and search engines, led by Google, seem to be pushing more and more in that direction. But what is it really for and why should small and medium-sized enterprises operating on a limited territory take it into high consideration, if they have not already done so?

Never stop studying graphics is good

As in any other profession, even the visual communication jewelry retouch service expert must always keep up to date. Technologies change, programs evolve and even the graphic language itself is subject to a change determined by the historical period, by the tastes of the public and by a thousand other factors. So it goes without saying that crystallizing on the knowledge acquired at the time of training is completely counterproductive.

The advantage of studying graphics is that there is a certain flexibility linked to the more technical aspect . Let’s explain: the graphics programs, over the years, have undergone important evolutions, but on balance the main functions , which are also the most used in the workplace, remain almost unchanged . This is why those who have learned to work on the first versions of Photoshop or Illustrator , can easily juggle even the most recent updates once they understand the position of certain tools. However, it is still sacrosanct to always deepen software updates, because they often integrate new features that can speed up the creative process .

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The language of communication 

The only real area in which we would like to TWD Directory recommend constant updating is the graphic communication language . Especially for those who work in the advertising sector, knowing the trends , the ways of expressing themselves of their target and so on, is an important advantage, absolutely decisive for success in their work . In this case, studying graphics means not only having technical skills, but also the knowledge necessary to perform your profession in the best possible way .

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