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Search for something on google or the internet in general, each type of search has an intent rating, which can be: navigational — find a specific page or site; transactional — complete an action; informational — finding an answer to a specific question; commercial — investigate brands or services. Among these types, informational prevails in google searches . And for this type of search, google prefers to return results that deliver quality educational content , such as blog articles. If in your digital marketing strategy you only use your institutional website, you will appear in navigational and commercial searches, but you will miss the opportunity to work your top of the funnel with the public of informational searches. But, if you work on some inbound marketing strategies , you will be able to both connect with the interests of your.

Audience and show google that you have authority on the subject , and thus start to appear in informational searches. From Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers 0 to 50 thousand visits per month: organic at the top of google 2. Not generating qualified leads inbound marketing helps you both educate the market and generate qualified leads . In fact, these two goals end up walking very closely together. By educating your market, you not only show your audience that they have a problem, you also get to explain to them who you are, and how you can solve that problem . This makes consumers more aware of your solution and become more qualified leads aligned with your ideal customer profile. In addition, by working on attracting customers at all stages of the shopping journey, inbound marketing also allows you to attract more mature leads.

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Inbound marketing sales funnel 3. Not personalizing the message to customers or leads the big problem with not working with personalized messages is that you miss out on a lot of lead generation potential . After all, by working with just a standard message, you will only be able to reach a portion of your consumers with a specific need or interests. For example, if brand y only worked on positioning (and message) highlighting the cell phone’s processing technology , you wouldn’t be attracted to buy it, simply because the message wasn’t personalized to appeal to you. However, as inbound marketing allows us to target different interests, we were able to automate direct brand communication , and become more.

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Specific and interesting in the interaction with each customer. Buyer’s journey: complete guide to creating your buyer persona 4. Failing to retain and retain customers customer retention and loyalty depends on two main aspects : the quality of your product and/or service; the relationship between your brand and your customers. Inbound marketing helps you with the second point. By nurturing your current and potential customers with quality content and good communication, you become a reference on the subject before your audience . In addition, they also come to perceive your company as an ally, which is.

Specific and interesting in the

Not just interested in the money at the end of the month. This makes your consumers increase their trust in your company and insert you into their routine, putting your brand as a part of their lives . Tip: how to delight your customers with inbound marketing? How to apply an efficient inbound marketing strategy? Content marketing and inbound marketing millions of google searches are made daily on the most diverse subjects and interests. And if your consumer is wanting to know more about your subject of expertise, why not be the one to answer them?! Start by understanding how your customer came to you.

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