Fall back to their lowest-energy state (the ground state) at extremely low temperatures, a phenomenon known as

The more intense the convection, the more restless the entire fluid appears. But if  heat a superfluid.Since the thermal conductivity of .The superfluid is infinite. The heat released by the heat source  transferr. To the entire superfluid in an instant. Since there is no temperature difference inside. There will  violent convection like hot. water.Maki it particularly . This property shows the properties of superfluid molecules as a giant .Whole: if the temperature changes in one place in the fluid, all the molecules change together. This property comes from the fact that helium-4 is a “boson”.


Bosons are particles that tend to

Fall back to their lowest-energy Namibia Phone Number state (the ground state) at extremely low temperatures, a phenomenon known as Bose-Einstein condensation. Through this theory, Soviet physicist Landau explained why helium-4 would form a superfluid at extremely low temperatures. To use an analogy .Young teenagers each have their own unique way of life, but they  trained at Chenggongling, they all “agglomerate” together to form a collective a common nature. Interestingly.Because the juveniles all have very similar properties. the “friction” between them (the interaction with each other, or viscosity) drops dramatically. creating a unique superfluid phenomenon.


A superfluid with bone-shrinking power

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If we have two fluids at hand, we want to determine which one can pass through a thin tube. Our life experience tells us that the more viscous the fluid, the harder it is to pass. The more viscous fluids, the greater the forces between their molecules. To use an analogy, it can be said that they prefer to “cluster”. If they want to pass through a certain hole, they must let most of the molecules pass through together. For example, a solid can be thought of as an infinitely viscous fluid. For a coin to pass through a straw, the straw must be bigger than the coin. How would a superfluid with zero viscosity behave? Their molecules can be said to have “no emotion” between them, so as long as the pore size of the thin tube allows one molecule to pass through, the superfluid has a way to flow through this extremely thin tube. Antigravity superfluid? What about the superfluid climbing along the walls of the container? If we put water in a test tube and observe carefully, we can find that the water level of the tube wall is higher than the water level in the center

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