Everything You Need to Know About the New Whatsapp Api in the Cloud the Instant Messaging Application

Has Officially Launched Its Whatsapp Cloud Api in Search of Boosting Smaller Businesses. During the ” Conversations ” Event, Focused on Business Messaging, Mark Zuckerberg Stated That Thanks to This Free Tool, It Will Be Possible to Improve the Customer Experience and Improve Response Time. Do You Want to Know What It Consists of? Keep Reading It May Interest You: Master in Digital Marketing Index of Contents What is the Whatsapp Api? Whatsapp Cloud Api is a Cloud Service Designed So That Medium and Large Companies Can Access, Among Other Things, All the Benefits That the Whatsapp Business Application for Companies Already Had . Which, in Practice, Was Not Possible.

According to the Ceo of

Meta, a whatsapp Nigeria Phone Number provider company.Any company globally will be able to access .Api services with features such as managing all messaging. Calls, viewing metrics, statistics. Programming automatic responses, among others. In addition, he clarified that it will be a fairly .Safe service for users, since companies will not be able. To send messages to people on whatsapp .Unless they have requested to be contacted. Other novelties that the whatsapp api brings .Are the following: improved access time currently.More than 1 billion users connect to a business account .Through whatsapp messaging services. According to zuckerberg. This api in the cloud could drastically reduce the time it takes for small companies and startups to access it .

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In Addition, They Announce

That Server Costs Will Be Eliminated, So They Will Have Instant Access to New Features Completely Free. Greater Flexibility for Companies Being an Api (Application Programming Interface), It Allows Company Developers to Build on the Same Tool . This is Very Useful, Since It Allows You to Personalize the Experience and Increase the Speed of Response to Customers.Database construction the. Tool can become a database in which. Customer contacts and all the necessary. Information can be stored without the need to. Resort to external servers . In addition, being everything in the cloud. It will provide greater security for both. Users and companies. Premium features of the whatsapp api. The whatsapp api is working on features such as the .Ability to manage chats on up to 10 different .Devices to improve communication .Between customer service teams and users.

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