Among other popular tourist countries in Europe

In 2022Q1, the number of passengers in Europe and the United States has increased significantly compared with the same period in 2021. Taking Kazakhstan Phone Number Turkey as an example, the relaxation of epidemic prevention measures and the sharp depreciation of the lira have attracted a large number of overseas tourists.

Compared with the same period in 2019

, the number of tourists visiting Turkey in 2022Q1 decreased by only 9%. In May, the decline was  remarkable recovery among the top 10 popular tourist destinations in the world.

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Among other popular tourist countries in Europe

, based on the comparison in 2019 before the outbreak, Germany will decline by 70% in 2021 and 59% in 2022Q1;

Spain will decline in 2021 by 59%. The annual decline is 63%, and the 2022Q1 decline is 32%. In the Americas,-February 2022; Canada will decline by 86% in 2021 and 67% in 2022Q1.

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